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The Duo

Who We Are

Your Ex is going to Kill Us

is a songwriting-duo based in Austria, Europe. The music features indie-folk, country, with some blues elements and focuses strongly on poetic lyrics and storytelling. Don’t ask about the name, long story.

Nives Farrier is Your Ex’s singer and lyricist. She believes that good stories can lead people through difficult situations. She loves poetry and can find a metaphor in anything. This is why Nives writes the lyrics for the band. She studied anglophone literature and media at the University of Vienna and popular music, but gave that up in order to do something more practical. She finished a training to become a vocal coach for pop and rock, and is teaching beginners and intermediate singer how to use their voices in an authentic and powerful way.

Thomas Fèanis works as a metal bassist for nearly 10 years, but before that, he learned classical guitar. Now he writes the band’s music on guitar, plays the bass and also sings for Your Ex. Thomas studied German and Musicology at the University of Vienna and worked as bassist and teacher for guitar, German, and music theory in Vienna. He is a very talented, thoughtful and versatile musician and is playing for projects and bands like Call the Mothership, Dayum, Project Epigone, The Exile, Die Lesebühne and starred guest roles with Give Em Blood, and many more…

Despite the name, the duo doesn’t always come alone. Most of the time they play as a band and add important members like guitarist Fabian Fischer. We love you Fabian!

YX Youtube

Your Ex is going to kill us when she sees that


YX on stage


17.02.2018 19:00 Roots Cafe in Saalfelden, Salzburg 10.03.2018 20:00 Horvath Weinstüberl, Wien  

Artist Diary

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Contact Us


If you want to book us for your show, have questions about licensing pictures or performing our music: send us an email. We are also always happy to receive feedback and questions about the band. You can listen to our music on Soundcloud, or follow Nives Farrier or Thomas Feanis on Instagram.

Your Ex is going to Kill Us

residing in Vienna, Austria


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